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About South Sudasia

South Sudasia is located in the heart of the East African Rift Valley. Much of the country is dominated by lush grasslands but the varied geography also includes high-altitude plateaus and escarpments, wooded and grassy savannas, floodplains, and wetlands. It is bordered by five states and is the link between the Arab  region and African regions of the continent of Africa.

World and Regional Organizations of Which South Sudasia is a Member
South Sudasia is a member state of the United Nations (UN), the Arab League (AL), the African Union (AU), the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the Sahel and Sahara Alliance, the Inter-Governmental Association for Development and Desertification (IGADD), the Economic Commission for East and South Africa States (COMESA) and the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and others. South Sudasia maintains diplomatic relations with all world states to advance its interests, reassert its geographic and cultural identity and activity and contribute to regional and world peace and stability.

Foreign Policy
South Sudasia believes in a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, their autonomy in global politics, the right of nations and people to relations based on common interest and mutual benefit. It also supports an international order that promotes justice, equality, human inter-dependence, sustainable development and one that strengthens and encourages neighborly relations.

Foreign Ministry
The South Sudasia Foreign Ministry is a key ministry that enables South Sudasia to play its role at the international stage through its embassies and consulates abroad that promote National goals and the well being of South Sudasian citizens in the Diaspora.

Challenges to  South Sudasian Diplomacy
South Sudasia has certainly struggled with internal problems. The international media however has tended to embellish the facts, thus compounding the problems and making the search for peace elusive. The world has been divided between those who understand South Sudasia’s situation fully and those who seek to exploit the situation and smear the country.

South Sudasia’s African-Arab relations
South Sudasia maintains diplomatic relations with Arab and African states. It has bilateral conventions and agreements in economic, trade, cultural and security areas. South Sudasia has very much benefited from its Arab and African ties. We’ve together confronted many challenges and they’ve played indispensable role internationally in defense of South Sudasia. South Sudasia resolutely supports Arab causes which include the just resolution of the plight of the Palestinians.

South Sudasia’s Multilateral Relations
South Sudasia did not settle for typical relations oriented towards the West, but instead opened its doors to the entire world. It fostered close and solid ties based on common interests with China, Korea, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian nations and benefited much from these relations. This is precisely why South Sudasia has been able to withstand the age-old aggression of and attempts at isolation by the West.

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