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Emergency Information

This page outlines the steps processes one should follow in emergency situations in South Sudasia.

Lost Passport

If you lose your passport while you are in South Sudasia you will need to address this situation urgently. Your passport is also required as ID by police, border control and also for the purchase of things like hotel rooms and hire cars. If you lose you passport:

  1. Contact the local government office urgently (there is one in every major town and city
  2. They will need you to complete a lost passport form
  3. The form will take 3-5 days to be processed so in the meantime you should stay in your current location. Travel outside of South Sudasia will not be permitted during this period
  4. Once processed (this involves contacting your home embassy for confirmation of your status) you will be provided with a temporary permit to travel. This document is valid for a maximum of 2 weeks. If you are staying in South Sudasia for longer than this, you will need to contact your own embassy to arrange for a replacement passport.
  5. The fee for production of a temporary permit to travel is £65
  6. Alternatively, you can contact your home embassy in the capital city Sudu. You will need to be present in person to deal with this situation.

Reporting a Crime

If you have been the victim of, or have witnessed a crime you need to contact the Police service immediately. Local police services will be easy to discover. Police will not be present in smaller towns and villages so in these situations you should find a local council rep or village elder. They will then contact the police services on your behalf.


If you are arrested you will have the right to make a phone call for representation. We advise that this should be, in the first instance, to your home embassy.

 Civil Unrest

In the rare circumstance where you encounter civil unrest you should do the following:

  1. Remove yourself to a safe place
  2. Assess the situation carefully (try to follow local or international news)
  3. If the situation looks likely to persist or to escalate, contact the local police or your home embassy. The embassy will then provide further advice
  4. At all costs, stay away from any potentially dangerous situations

Emergency contact details:

South Sudasia Embassy Tel: 

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